Comprehensive report generation


on-line system

Blend History Report

  • Detailed record of each blend
  • Graphs of blend results: delta O.N., proto K.I.
  • System Configuration Reports

  • List of all customer-changeable parameters, their current values and ranges
  • List of sensor calibration and alarm / warning limits
  • Proto Tank Definitions Report

  • Provides O.N., ID, Tank #, correlation to reference fuel used to rate, etc.
  • Pre-Blend Checkout Report

  • Record of all pre-blend (SQC) runs, with details of each run
  • ASTM Checkout Report

  • Record of all ASTM checkout procedures run on system with details
  • Proto Rating Report

  • Record of all proto ratings performed on system with details
  • Historical Pre-Blend Checkout Reports

  • Archived SQC reports associated with proto fuels no longer used
  • Current Spread Table

    Spread Run Report

  • Record of each spread run performed on system with details
  • Historical ASTM Checkout, Proto Rating and Spread Run Reports

  • Archived reports
  • NEG Exchange Fuel Rating Report

  • Record of each NEG run with details

Graphs of Blend Results: delta O.N., proto K.I.

Alarm Log Reports per Engine

Detailed Log of Internal System Operations

Report data may be optionally exported to  readable media (CD/DVD-ROM, USB Memory Stick)


Measurement Results Report

  • Report may be optionally printed (user-selectable) at the conclusion of each test
  • Historical reports of all ratings made by the system are available for the life of the system
  • Summary Results Report (may be sorted by date or ID)

  • Provides summary of all tests performed over a given date range, including re-tests
  • Detailed Summary Results Report (may be sorted by date or by ID)

  • Same as above but with additional details and measurement parameters
  • Sensor Calibration and Alarm / Warning Limits Report